I’m Arturo Mesquite

My passion is helping you find the root cause of your health issues by removing blockages stored in the body, malnutrition, and personal barriers so you can live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

I am a Ph.D. graduate in Natural Medicine and have studied with doctors from around the world as well as in-depth training with shamans, healers and have treated over 5000 clients worldwide throughout my professional career. I also spent a decade working for two luxury rehabilitation facilities where I treated the most complex cases at Passages Malibu and Seasons of Malibu, California.


I believe each and every one of us is destined to thrive. This can be difficult to achieve no matter how hard you try because we have been conditioned, misguided, and taught to live in such a limited way which can leave you feeling both physically and emotionally stuck.

My work gets you unstuck, leaves you feeling vigor for life, and frees you from limiting beliefs and your own personal barriers. No more years of therapy! My program is fast, effective, and life-changing.


I spent most of my early years on a personal quest trying to understand what it takes to heal and fully thrive. Throughout my personal path and professional experiences I created a non-traditional approach to healing anxiety and physical ailments.

My Wellness Plan was developed throughout decades of hard work and learning from my own mistakes in order to create a one of a kind fast recovery program that goes beyond anything in the market.

Currently, I work with diplomats,  celebrities, professionals and executives helping them identify and eliminate the causes of physical illnesses and anxiety.

I am aware that we live in a fast-paced society so time is of the essence finding solutions that really work.

Recovery Starts Now!

The private recovery program is especially suited for those who are busy, can’t make trips to healing centers, and need a quick revamping of their system or just a healthy jumpstart to eliminate stress and get on with daily tasks with renewed vigor.

The program begins with removing physical blockages in order to reboot the whole body, addresses nourishment or malnourishment as well as addressing emotional healing and decoding deep-rooted emotional imbalances. No stone gets left unturned in order to bring the body and mind back to complete homeostasis and restore optimal function.

How to start?

By setting up a strategy call to review your case.

How to join?

Click the link below.

How long it takes?

Each person is different so we start with a strategy call in order to assess your current struggles and goals.


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